Sunya Retreat Centre is a place to rejuvenate and rejoice yourself. It is located at Siddipet, Hyderabad, India. It is a way to explore the art of living. Sunya sessions take place each day for rejuvenating the body and mind. It is a gateway to form bonds with one another and contemplate purpose and motives.

Choose this Retreat to Rest, Reset and Restart. Looking to calm you and attain some mental peace?

Majestic sights and clean air await you!

Sounds like a wonderful meditation retreat. Doesn’t it?

Come and join us in Sunya Retreat Center!


What can I expect when I attend this retreat?


Achieve the balance between mind and body. Everything you do in the retreat contributes to your wholeness. The practice of Sunya is an experience that teaches you about the balance between body and mind.

Beat the best

The methods here are different. The lifestyle in retreats might be different, when compared to your  lifestyle. But, what we practice in Sunya retreat will detach you from all the remaining world, which results in the best outcome for yourself.


Many people tend to live in the past or the future instead of the present. With sunya practice in the appropriate surroundings like sunya retreat, one can live their life to the fullest experiencing and fully aware of what they are doing.


Enjoy Ayurvedic-inspired, locally-sourced healthful meals designed as a collaboration between Chef and Sunya’s nutritional experts.


Beauty from every angle

Sunya Retreat Centre is situated in an environment surrounded by peace and calm. It is a place for self-exploration and a wonderful site to experience pure form of serenity.

“Allow yourself to settle in for a Contemplating session at Sunya Retreat Centre”

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