What is SUNYA?
SUNYA is the ability to realise the power of "NOTHING."

Daily Sloka

“The Tathāgata is skilful in endorsing all bodhisattvas, skilful in teaching the bodhisattvas”.
_Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra_
Diamond Sutra by Dhyanachara Nagajiva

The act of Sunya is the way where serenity develops

Changing one's viewpoint on difficult conditions.

Sunya practice can help us modify our perception of thinking and our reaction to it, as well as how we assess situations and how we deal with them.


It assists you in remaining concentrated.

Sunya makes you focus on a certain point, whether it’s a phrase, a breath, or an artefact. The idea is to clear your mind and keep your concentration on that point, stopping your mind from straying.

Reducing emotional distress.

Sunya assists with accepting those terrible sensations are sometimes unavoidable and thinking of solutions to make oneself feel better by making it justifiable.

Purpose of Sunya

Sunya can weigh down racing thoughts, ease an excessively stressed brain, and nurture the mind so that peace can be transferred to the rest of the body, and the potential for healing on several levels will open up.

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Sunya Meditation

Sunya meditation is to focus on your mind by detachments of what you can see, what you can hear, what you can smell and observe how your mind is going.

Reverse Counting

We follow reverse counting as our main practicer.Initially we ask our Sunyatees to reverse count from 99 to 0.One count for every cycle of breath they take

Reset your mind

When our mind calms down, we have the ability to tap the power stored in it. The solitary objective of this is to bring peace and prosperity.

Re-regulate the breathe

There are three stages of practicing Sunya. Since training your body is the most practical and easy thing to do, we start with the body followed by training of breathing and mind.

Sunya for everyone

The primary purpose of Sunya is to train the mind and unleash its high potential. All we do in Sunya is, embrace every experience with awareness and live in the present. When we get fully relaxed with our being, we will bring our mind and body in synchronization. In Sunya, every individual is allowed to follow their religions and practices. We don’t impose any form of feelings and ideologies on them. We follow reverse count as our primary method of Sunya. However, we are careful not to cross the line between worshipping and following. At our centers, we teach ‘Sunya’ meditation as a part of therapeutic healing. The solitary objective of this is to bring peace and prosperity.

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